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Working In The FreeZone

The $0 Marketing Stack: Free Options to Popular Paid Services and Tools.

What tools do you use to get your online marketing work done?

Can you do all the same work of a digital marketer, and do it for free?

Is it possible to have all these great tools without paying a cent?

The list of tools you use—often referred to as a marketing stack—probably covers a variety of different uses and needs, everything from social media marketing to content to email and lots more.

Everyone should know about all of these. Honestly, as a business, we can get buried in SAAS (Software As A Service) fees. At one point, we had $22,000 a month in credit card fees of SAAS, and it was out of control. At this point, we invested resources to start locating all the free stuff; like these websites and tools. We are infinitely grateful for all the amazing companies out there that offer such value for so little.

For a quick overview, here are the tools that Kevin Lee and our added efforts found that seemed to be great, free options for some popular paid services.

  1. Buffer ~ social post management

  2. Canva ~ design tool

  3. Google Analytics ~ SEO tool

  4. Hotjar ~ website heatmaps and behavioral analytics tool

  5. Simply Measured ~ social analytics platform

  6. Open Site Explorer ~ SEO link research

  7. Charles ~ web debugging

  8. HubSpot Email Marketing and HubSpot CRM ~ email marketing tool

  9. WordPress ~ website tools

  10. Crowdfire ~ social media management tool

  11. Medium ~ social publishing platform

  12. Wistia ~ video + podcast platform

  13. SumoMe ~ website visitor analytics

  14. Segment Open ~ open source analytics

  15. Peek ~ Linux animated GIF creator

  16. Google Scholar ~ broadly search for scholarly literature

  17. Google Trends ~ marketing & keyword research

  18. Blog Topic Generator ~ it is what it says

  19. Content Idea Generator ~ it is what it says

  20. Readability ~ content scoring

  21. Hemingway ~ highlights lengthy, complex sentences and common errors

  22. Onpage Optimization Tool ~ Free SEO Tool

  23. After the Deadline ~ language checking server

  24. Free Logo Design Online

  25. Save Publishing ~ desktop publishing software

  26. Followerwonk ~ Twitter analytics

  27. ~ small utility app for the Mac

  28. Tweriod ~ Twitter tool

  29. Must Be Present ~ presentation software

  30. Conversation Score ~ Conversation Intelligence Software

  31. Wolfram Alpha Facebook report ~ analyze Facebook data

  32. LikeAlyzer ~ free analysis tool

  33. Fanpage Karma ~ Facebook analytics and monitoring

  34. Facebook Page Barometer ~ benchmark your Facebook page

  35. Quicksprout ~ find best tools, software, and services

  36. Website Grader ~ it is what it says

  37. SharedCount ~ API tool

  38. Newsle ~ email newsletter tools

  39. Rapportive ~ email contacts discovery tool

  40. MentionMapp ~ Twitter tool that helps discover hot topics, key hashtags, and trending stories

  41. Down For Everyone Or Just Me? ~ ping tracer

  42. Vista Print ~ print design tool

  43. Adobe Spark ~ custom design tool

  44. Wix - website deveopment tool

  45. Looka Brand Kits ~ logo design

...and this is just the tip of the iceberg. So, don't settle for paid when you might be able to get freeware.

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