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Marketing Trends to Watch in 2021

Updated: May 5, 2022


Virtual Events

1. Marketers will plan asynchronous events that plug into the funnel.

2. Community marketing will replace event-based marketing.

3. Businesses will find new ways to encourage online connections.

4. The interactivity that's been promised for decades is now a necessity for 2021.

Brand Values

5. Customer-centricity will propel brands forward.

6. Brands will navigate an increasingly polarized social and political climate.

Revenue and Budget

7. A/B Testing will become a waste of time and budget.

8. Digital marketing spend will continue to grow.

9. Tech spending levels will return to normal over 2021 — but not all categories will benefit.

10. Content marketing will start with conversations.

11. Many companies will decrease their marketing budgets.

Teams and Collaboration

12. In 2021, it's all about people, people, people.

13. Many companies will implement a new Web Operations team.

Digital Transformation

14. Brands will unlock the key to orchestration.

15. The 'panic pivot' will turn into more purposeful reinvention.

16. Brands will capitalize on change.

17. Marketers will continue to incorporate real, true personalization.

18. Marketers will rely on deep data insights and machine learning to deliver value to prospects.

19. Cross-channel integrations will continue to grow.

20. We'll see an acceleration with the digital-first shift.

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